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  Well, I don't know how the hell you found this place, but here you are. This page is basically the ass-end of the Rossman web world. I write boring stuff down here about me and things that happen to me. Don't ask me why.
If you read this you're even lamer than me for writing it.

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Note to self 72: 11/15/1999
What can I say? I finished my "100 Bottles of Beer from Around the World Club" at the Mello Mushroom! Only took me 3+ months (doesn'tRossman wic beard sound that special, but we'd only meet on Fridays for 2-3 hours). My "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, and I Drank Them All" t-shirt I got (along with my name on a plaque) kicks ass. I highly recommend it. Now I've just got to start on my 100 Draughts Club.

  Also, I've grown a beard in the past few weeks. It's pretty cool lookin'. Didn't know exactly what to expect since no Ross has ever grown one, but I'm not disappointed. At least it's thick! (See pic on right!)

  Also of note, I was able to catch two sneak previews at the Student Center over the past two weeks: Being John Malkovich and Dogma. Now, I've read the script to Dogma over 11/2 years ago (along with half the net), and it's really obvious just how much editing for time they did. Lots of little things cut out, but a few pleasant surprises too. Definitely a fun religious comedy, but I really can't wait for the Director's Cut DVD :)
  As for Being John, it was one of the weirdest movies I've ever witnessed. But not in a bad way, just a kooky way. I still don't know for sure if I loved it or not. Go see it for yourself.
  I also got Sakura Wars on DVD. And while ADV did a great job on the menues and subtitles and all that stuff, the series kinda sucks. Oh well, UY and Eva by the end of the year @_@.

  Finally, I'll be out of work for 1/2 a month to go trotting across Europe (but visit my Grandma first). It should be fun and drunk.

Note to self 71: 11/01/1999
This has been a memorable week to say the veeeeery least. First of all, I did double duty at the office for the costume contest again (I dress up in one costume in the morning and then my real one right before judging to throw everyone off guard). First I was a roadie for Van Halen, then later I was a pregnant bride. I got the support of the whole office behind me (they always thought I was a bit "kooky"), but that still isn't enough to win when the judges are out to get you. Oh well, at least I was able to humiliate myself totally and unconditionally. I'll post a picture as soon as I get one.

  Then on Saturday, my brother got married on campus (@_@)..... I know, I know. And to quote Kobbe Shaw, "It's a SIIIIIIIIIIIIGN!!!" Who'd of ever thunk it? Well, it was a great ceremony in a gorgeous part of campus (the Founder's Gardens). And I actually had to do three things that I hate to do more than anything for him, so he better appreciate it:p  First of all, as Best Man I had to get all dressed and fancied up (*shudder!*), then I had to get up in front of everybody and give a toast (*double shudder!*), and finally I had to actually get photographed for over an hour for all the Wedding pictures!!!!!!!!! It was painful, but 'cause he'd do it for me I couldn't let him down (plus he and Susan got me a sweet on Georgia watch for being Best Man too :).

  After everything was over, I was soon picked up by the MegaPlayboy and taken to Greenwood where CHUDFest '99 was taking place. Now, I'm not going to lie about it, I don't remember much about that night other than virtually setting up a tent next to the keg of Killians, cutting in line for a steak, some green liquid in a glass, playing with the puppy, stealing some Halloween candy from the basket next to the front door, and walking down the street by myself while whistling the theme to The A-Team. I must've crashed between 3:00 and 4:30, but I can't narrow it down any further than that. The next morning I was hungover beyond belief, my knuckles were all bloody and scraped and my wig and VH hat were missing (I went dressed as the MegaPlayboy [drunk-style] for the party). It took me till around 9am to actually get up and start looking for them (I found many sick and weird sights and other interesting things in the process 0_o). I eventually found my wig in some mud in the back yard, and my hat was in the neighbors' fenced in yard. I don't recall why. I kept having flashbacks all morning, until it was eventually time for us to depart (at around noon). I got back to my apartment and showered (OMG I stunk!) before I crashed hard. I woke up in time for the Simpsons and then just watched the Frighteners until I was sleepy enough to go to sleep for good.
  Oh yeah, Georgia lost to Florida again.... I owe Kannan a Coke -_-

Note to self 70: 10/25/1999
After another expensive night at Mellow Mushroom (I swear that that chick got the bill wrong this time) Timmons and I just bugged Clint at his place (made him stay up late playing Marvel vs Capcom on his Dreamcast when he had to wake up early to go hunting) before calling it a night and abandoning the Dark Crystal at the midnight movie. I had to wake up early on Saturday to go back to Atlanta to first wash and wax my car (a three and a half hour ordeal in which time I listened to most of the UGA vs UK game on my headphones) and then take my brother and sister out for a night of fun one last time ehile we were all single. We all had a lot of fun!

  I then spent Sunday helping my mom with my costume for the office costume party this Friday. If I don't win first place I know that the whole damn thing is rigged :)  It's just sooooo perfect! Speaking of the office, I've officially been here for two full years now! Woo-Hoo!

Note to self 69(^_^): 10/18/1999
Back to Monday.... Drank a whooooole lot on Friday before South Park at the Tate Theater, then The crew and I went to a toga party near where my sister's ex-@$$#*le beau lives. I didn't get home till around 3:30. Then I had to wake up early to meet my brother and his fiancee for lunch for her birthday. Jaime met us at DePalma's for that too.
  After that I went to see Fight Club by myself (since nobody else wanted to see it). What can I say but "Their loss". Fight Club is one of the best films of the year!! It's all over the place even from the opening frames. It's right about on par with director Fincher's other two masterpieces Se7en and The Game! Not that you have to like those two to love FC though. But it does help ;) And Meat Loaf and his "b*tch t*ts" just make me laugh to think about them even now:)
  After that dark flic, I needed a comedy. So I drove over to Blockbuster and started searching and searching and searching..... I lost track of how long I was there for. After a while though, I met somebody from the toga party the night before and she helped me pick out Office Space. It was okay (and Jennifer Aniston is always a hottie), but I expected a lot more from Mike Judge. The neighbor in the paper-wall thin apartment (from Drew Carey) was great though^_^

  Then Sunday came along and the MegaPlayboy, one of his high school chickie friends and I went to see the early showing of The Last Unicorn at Tate. I had forgotten just how good that movie actually is! It is definitely a classic! The whole feeling of that world on the verge of losing all of its magic and the almost hopelessness of life and reality that most of the characters have is incredible! It's also great to see animated films that aren't aimed just at children. I do remember seeing this when it first came out in '82, and I still recall the sense of dispair and fear that this movie caused me to feel and latch on to. Sure it had a kinda happy ending, but I wasn't really sure that it would work out up till the very end (and most would argue whether the ending truly was a happy one). And that red bull just rocked! Too bad he was really a big ol' wussy though.
  After that I went to mass and then read some of the Watchmen at home before starting Tenkuu no Escaflowne again. I can't forget to bring my car in to the shop on Wednesday to FINALLY fix the damn wipers @_@, and then go to the Alumni Employees Homecoming Breakfast later in the week (two seperate thoughts there).

Note to self 68: 10/11/1999
Well, it was a crappy week till Friday, then it got crappier, then a little better. Didn't get to drink much of my 100 beers that night (Shee-yat has a tendency of happening, nothing you can do 'bout it sometimes), but did get to see the pretty funny 20 Dates at the Tate Center). Then I went home and watched my Tenchi in Love 2 DVD.
  I got up late on Saturday and drove over to Gwinnett for AWA 99. The scheduling sucked, the every room was tiny, and the dealers' room wasn't even all that great..... but I still had a fun time :)
  I couldn't find Transformers: the Movie on LD for the MegaPlayboy (the one dealer selling Japanese LDs sold out of it the day before), but I did witness the marvel of Animeigo's UY on DVD in their booth!!! Crystal clear images, bold subtitles on a medium that will never fade! The way Lum was meant to be @_@. Wow! I got a few artbooks on Bebop and Trigun, the Eternal Blue OST and a wall scroll and then I just hung out at a few panels until the Music Video Awards (best part of any con recently). Lots of great ones (and Jer outdid himself again with his "We Will Rock You" set to Giant Robo!!!) and lots of actual awards. Too bad Big Mike's "Dueling Banjoes" set to Goku and Vegeta didn't win nothin'. That one rocked!!

  After the Awards were all won, I met up with Big Mike and we went to Wendy's and then back to Greenwood where the rest of the crew was hanging out. We watched some LD Bettah Man and later watched Chujo play some on-line rpg before we caught the score of the UGA vs. Tenn. game.... then we turned that off and went over to O'Charley's. I drank a pitcher of Killian's while listening to the waitress tell us about her horrible day (I don't know how she kept the tears back!). After our three hour dinner I was dropped off back at the hotel where I watched some more music videos until around 2:30-3:00a.m. when my head was beyond-a-doubt clear and I drove back to Athens. I then got 12 hours sleep (didn't plan on that) and woke up in time for evening Mass. After some quick food shopping I read a little and crashed again.

Note to self 67: 10/04/1999
OUCH!! I'm sunburned.... The Bulldawg game on Saturday burned me lobster red. And now I'm even coming down with a cold. Well, dems da breaks.
  I got the Matrix on DVD recently so I watched that this weekend too (Ya gotta love "bullet time!"). I also saw American Beauty with Kevin Spacey (one of the greatest actors ever born!!) on Friday. It's one of the only movies I've seen recently where the more I think about it the more I like it. Go see it before the Fight Club comes out! Nothing much planned for this week except for the Research Reporter and getting that on-line.

Note to self 66: 09/27/1999
Not much happening. After a last minute party invite Friday (and my sister deciding that Leslie needed to see me drunk in front of a bunch of people as soon as possible) I just went home to crash before UGA's almost disasterous early game on Saturday. The game itself sucked, but Leslie and I had a fun time screaming our lungs out with every cheer. I was also introduced to about 1/2 the stadium during the game too :)
  Then I had a quiet Sunday where the biggest thing I did was buy Adam Sandler's new album Stan and Judy's Kid (better than his last, but not really as edgy or funny as his first two). Oh yeah! I also found out that Angus, Alec, Megan and I will be going to London in a few months (thanks to incredible ticket prices!!). That is going to rock the casbah! It is soooo sweet on that I can't even describe how much I'm looking forward to it @_@

Note to self 66: 09/21/1999
Had a great time this weekend. Went up to New Jersey for the final Dubel Family Wedding. Once again, a great trippin' time was had by all :) After going out with some friends Friday night and then hanging out at Clint's place playing his new DreamCast till early Saturday morning, I drove back to Atlanta and got a half an hour nap in before my family had to go to the airport to catch our flight. No sleep on the plane, and then no sleep on the hour drive to the B&B the Dubel clan was all staying at.
  It was great to see everyone again (as my overtiredness turned into wired-ness) as we ate and drank and drank and drank and ate some more. I was amazed beyond words at how much my second-cousins had grown! Holy crap do I feel old when I realized that Michelle's now a junior in high school, Kelly's no longer a baby and Sean can dance like a wildman!

  Well, the wedding was perfect and the reception was great! Great band, great food, great alcohol and great fun. I just wish we had more family members to get married. After another late night I got a few more hours of sleep and then we went home (after watching the inn-keeper curse and scrub the candle wax off the porch stones from the all-night joke session the night before ;). I then drove back into Athens to get some tapes from some people (none of whom brought them of course) and then some late night shopping at Kroger for some laundry detergent and milk.... not to use together of course. Finally, I got to sleep. Then the whole crazy thang starts up again.

Note to self 65: 09/07/1999
This past week (and especially weekend) was a good one. I got a whole lot accomplished at work and I did a lot of recreational stuff too. Friday night I did the scheduled beer and pizza run and the MegaPlayboy and I caught UHF at the Tate student theater at midnight. That is one of the greatest movies ever made (for those of you out there who were never blessed enough to see it). Nothing beats watching it in a packed theater on the big screen drunk at midnight! Nothing!!
  Saturday my brother came into town for the Bulldawg season opener. Both he, my sister and I went to the Mellow Mushroom and then to my sister's boyfriend's block party before heading over to the game. Tickets weren't that grand, but who cares, it was fun!! @_@  After the game my brother and I spent an hour waiting at Gumby's for a 20" pizza before going back to my apartment to watch The Crow on DVD.
  Sunday I took my siblings out to lunch (along with my sister's gorgeous roommate) and then read a book for a few hours before Clint called me over to a Nintendo party at his place. Alec, Megan, Angus, Clint and I played Mario Kart 64 and Mario Golf until early Monday morning (with a quick break to go to Ryan's steakhouse earlier on;). After A&M left and Angus crashed Clint and I continued playing several more rounds of golf until I started making some bad club choices and decided to call it quits (at about 4:30 in the morning). I then went home and watched some El Hazard and Lain on DVD.... then I dozed off. I went out for a bit on Monday, but mostly spent my time reading and watching Titanic on DVD (that's right, you heard me. I actually like Titanic and I even bought it on DVD!!! Call me a sissy if you will, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to admit that I like it [and Kate Winslet's a babe!]). This week'll be quiet in comparison I'm sure.

Note to self 64: 08/30/1999
Well well well. Another ol' b-day down and only a few more to go... the way I've been living recently. I went to Bald Mountain and climbed to the heavens in order to reflect on the past year and console myself ahead of time for the following... Well, that's usually how it goes ;)
  I did get some great gifts this year. I got plenty of DVDs (among them Dirty Work, Billy Madison, The Crow, Mallrats and one of the greatest movies ever made: Silence of the Lambs Criterion Edition!), CDs (including Alphaville, Def Leppard and Motley Crue) and some books and clothes. All in all a pretty good haul.

 Other than that nothin' much is going down. Wanna finish Zelda sometime soon, but I've been going out on the town a lot more recently and that's a lot more fun anyway.... It's also a lot more expensive too -_-

Note to self 63: 08/22/1999
*Uuuuuurrrrgh....* Head still aching and stomach still turning like that "lottery ball tumbler" thingy.... ):-(
  Well, to say the very least, Friday night was one for the ages.... I shall never forget it for the rest of my life (and I have a feeling this pain [mental and physical] will stick with me for that long too). I also can't make fun of Ken too much anymore (except for the fact that I never heaved it up in the middle of a crowded room, got naked and puked on myself in the bathroom and then passed out and fell asleep in my underwear in the middle of the kitchen floor).... well, then again I guess I can. Sorry Ken.

  Whew.... I did soooooo many stupid things that night that it's no small wonder that I spent several hours leaning over the back porch letting my stomach see the outside world for itself (has anybody out there ever actually puked out your nose? Heh heh, I guess I'm one [actually 12] up on ya). Including the piece of pizza I ate that I found on the ground (don't worry, it's not as disgusting as it sounds... really), the crappy cigar I smoked and the heinous mixing of about 9 beers, 6 shots and a bunch of other shite I can't even remember over a 3 and a half hour period, the whole "upheivel" process probably proved to be a massive combined effort. *Ugh!* I've only been able to get down one cup of soup since then. Thank God my sister was back in town to pick my sorry ass up and drive me home at around 2:30 (man I owe her big time ^_^). I must've looked as horrible as I felt! Oh well, it's all behind me now, although I'll be hearing about it for years to come :p
  Well, boys and girls, if you have any really horrible binge stories to tell that might put mine to shame..... Keep them to yourselves!!!!! Puh-Leeez!!! I really don't want to even think about anything that gross :o

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