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  Well, I don't know how the hell you found this place, but here you are. This page is basically the ass-end of the Rossman web world. I write boring stuff down here about me and things that happen to me. Don't ask me why.
If you read this you're even lamer than me for writing it.

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Note to self 29: 11/20/1998
Back on line and ready for business to the extreme! It's a man, baby!!! It's a ROSSman +_+
  Saw the Episode I trailer on Wednesday..... that movie is gunna rock. That's all I'm saying. Let's just hope that Samuel L. Jackson never talks to a digital Jabba. Well, I've gotta make sure that my Guest Picks for the Pike are perfect (with getting Mack Daddy Druggle's Advice Column back up how could they not be?). Seeya!

Note to self 28: 11/16/1998
Oy vey, what a week. still hasn't been transfered over (what is Internic's prob?!?!), lots of work to be done in the office and I was mind bogglingly sick this past weekend. *Sigh* It could only get better, right?.... Right?
  My "Guest Picks" on the AniPike should be posted next week, but if you've ever surfed through my LINKS to the Universe you've probably already seen them. It should be fun to share those great sites with the rest of the world though.
 Oh yeah, and remember, if you ever order anything from an online company make sure that your billing info is correct, otherwise your order will be cancelled and when you get everything fixed they'll then tell you that what you were trying to order is now out of stock. Trust me on this (I may look like a full fledged goober now, but if I saved one person from loosing an important or cool order then it was all worth it^_^).
  Oh yeah, despite all of the positive buzz, Metal Gear Solid blows. Tenchu is 10Xs the game that MGS is.

Note to self 27: 11/09/1998
Ha ha, yoo kin do eet! ^_^  I saw the Waterboy this weekend with my brother and I must tell you that it was/is a work of art. Sandler is back! Forget that crap that was the Wedding Singer (okay, it wasn't crap, but it was nowhere near as good as Billy Madison)! I now have two more catch phrases to use in my daily life: the "Yoo kin do eet!" one and "There must be something wrong with his medula omblongata!" (after all, I am Mr. Fried Chicken).
  I also got another new Playstation game this weekend. One that I have been waiting for since E3 last May. Rival Schools: United by Fate! It kicks major ass! Finally, a fast and fun 3D fighting game from Capcom! Imagine that. I was up late last night playing as my two fave fighters: Hideo and Kyoko^_^ They rock.
  Well, this week should be busy. I have lots of real work to do and it's my Parents' Anniversary and my sister's birthday. Needless to say, a lot of money to be spent (and not on me :(
  Hopefully my site will be up soon........ Hopefully.

Note to self 26: 11/04/1998
Finally! I'm with a host that cares^_~
  The site has been up and down for the past week and a half but starting today, is up for good. *Whew* I can finally rest my mind.
  I finally finished reading the Shin KOR book (which the movie was based on) last night. There were a lot of differences between the two, especially starting halfway through them both. In the novel, Kyosuke never meets his future Madoka or his family. The only people he meets are Hikaru and himself. We also get a lengthier hospital scene (cousins and all^_^) and different reasons for Kyosuke actually going into the future (and we see inside the characters' heads which is especially helpful when dealing with Hikaru's demented psyche which flip-flopped from rational to idiotic thoughts every two seconds).
  I liked different parts of both, and would recommend that people both see the subbed movie and read the book (translated into English here). Jaa!

Note to self 25: 11/02/1998
After a week of my pages being down due to my lame host selling out, not informing me of it, and apparently not even informing my new host that they were now in charge of my account, everything is back up.... but I don't know for how long seeing as I'm soon going to be moving to a host that cares ^_~
  Got a lot of work done in the office this past week. I also got insulted by the club Shogun who's gotta learn to keep his foot away from his mouth. I felt betrayed and as low as Donnan after the Florida game Saturday. Bummer.
  Let's see.... What else? I bought a bunch of movies and the new N64 game, F-Zero X,this past weekend (the game ROCKS). I finally got to witness the conclusion of Key the Metal Idol (I, along with all of AWA97 was actually part of it^_^). For anybody looking for a more confusing series than Eva, check this baby out. I finally bought myself the Disny Subbed version of Kiki (my old fansub is pretty used up) and I also replaced my fansub of Shin KOR (even though ADV did it).
  Other than the fact that this past weekend was Halloween, nothing much happened. I only got second prize in my office's costume party (first prize cheated and decorated their entire office :(  I witnessed Viagra Man and Ravished Woman win a costume contest at a local bar (I just can't explain it) and I stayed up all night Saturday with a bunch of friends watching crappy horror movies while getting sh*t faced. All in all a pretty good holiday.

Note to self 24: 10/26/1998
Howdy ho, everybody! A good week to say the least. The Dawgs beat out UK, Georgia Tech got seriously romped by FSU, I had a fun Thursday and Friday at a computer conference, got to see Pleasantville and got my Halloween costume ready for the office party on Friday. I'm going to win 1st Prize ($50)^_^
  The Rock Eagle Conference I went to on Thursday and Friday was really fun. Lots of alcohol. I went for an eight mile hike through the woods on Thursday (something I haven't done for years!) and late at night they had a huge fireworks display and a magician/comedian perform for all the attendees. I had a blast!
  Saturday I watched the Georgia Dawgs ream it to the UK Cats. My brother and I found out the perfect positions to stand in relation to the TV to help the Dogs win (long story). And on Sunday I saw Pleasantville with Chi-Chi. I liked the film a lot, and what was cool was when I came out of the theater I was amazed to see the world in color^_^ Kooky. The one thing I still can't figure out is why that retarded couch potato boy actually chose to go back to reality! I mean, he had loving parents, his cool sister learned to like him, and (most especially) he had a hottie for a girlfriend in the TV town! Was he mental?!?! He had to 'uv realized that he wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting somebody half that fine in his miserable little existance! What an idiot! Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh! Moron!
  Club meeting tonight. Should be good. Can't wait for more Marionette J and KOR. I also can't wait for the parties this Friday. Jaa.

Note to self 23: 10/20/1998
Finally!! The rundown of ONIcon is complete^_^ The Greatest Con of the Century is over (has been for quite a while), and my months of never-give-upness have paid off. Another electronic information masterpiece (if I'm allowed to toot my own horn^_~) Go To ONIcon.
  The club's doing okay (meetings are still running and people are still showing up), but we still don't have much in the terms of advertising going. Nobody ever gets our meetings posted in the paper any more and flyers are very rare indeed on campus. At least the Kid and I got the official webpage up and running (Hey! I wouldn't be complaining if I wasn't doing anything myself.... well, not this much at least ^o^). Go To UGAnime's Official Homepage.
  I admit, I'm not in the best of moods right now. My car's airconditioner is freaking out, the rush of finishing the ONIcon page is over, I'm almost finished with Nadia again, no e-mail today, and some @$$#*%^ hacked into to and erased everything!!! That totally soils my chops and pisses my britches! Why couldn't they just hack into some of the crappier anime pages, or just take out all of Geoshitties instead?!?! Why one of the coolest pages out there?!?! Why, God??!?! WHY?!?!?!?! *Sigh* I just wish that they had a backup. It seems that they now have to rebuild from scratch. It'll definitely be a while till they get their stuff together again from outside sources and resurrect themselves like Gainax in Otaku no Video. Good luck, you Ghibli-esque Fanboys!
  Seeya flipside.

Note to self 22: 10/12/1998
Great week! AWA 4 was this past weekend and even though it sucked I met a lot of people there that I hadn't seen in a while (some I would even admit to knowing!). I bought a lot of stuff and made a lot of great deals in the dealer's room (waiting for the last day and trying to haggle down a stubborn dealer is really half the fun^_~). I did get to see some new things (surprisingly) such as Perfect Blue (an animated Seven mixed with Single White Female), and GAINAX's new show, Kare shi Kanojo no Jijou (aka "His and Her Circumstances" based on somebody else's manga [their first ever non-scifi animation!]). The Gainax thang was pretty funny (it was taped directly from TV when it premiered only 6 days before!!!). It was a cross between Kodocha and Maison Ikkoku with lots of slapstick. It'll be interesting to see how it goes based on the first episode (And I just LOVED Pero-Pero!).
  I got tons of cool SonMay CDs (lots of compilations!) and the Nadesico complete vocal collection CD (for only $7!!). Along with a Ginrei art book and the Newtype 100% Nadesico art book. They kick ass (love that Yurica and Ginrei ^_~). I also got a little Sakura (from Street Fighter Alpha) UFO Catcher Doll. Now I finally have a Japanese school girl sitting on my stereo ^o^ Yatta!
  I dressed up as Kasuga Kyosuke on the first day of the con, but even with the giant red straw hat I lugged around all day nobody knew who the f*** I was. I hate newbies!! If you're dressed as anybody other than an Eva, Kenshin or Yuugi character they will never guess who you are! Baka!!!! But I finally got the KOR Movie 1: I Want To Return To That Day again (my first copy seems to have mysteriously disappeared after some visitors from California last year).
  Let's see, hmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah! Two of my old high school buddies got married this weekend. Joe and Nikki are probably soakin' up the sun in some Hurricane devastated paradise right about now^_^ At least somebody is doing something constructive with their lives. Good job you two!
  Now for the sad news: The Dawgs got trounced in their home territory this past weekend. It was quite humiliating, especially when it comes from a team whose mascot is a "Volunteer"...... That is the lamest mascot I have ever heard of. It led to a lot of really creative T-shirts (i.e. "We need a 'Volunteer' for an ass whoopin!"), but that was all for nothing. At least we'll kick the Gators' butts again ^_^
  I haven't seen the Furmanator in a while, and the Wolfman's still in Texas (and he still hasn't beaten FFVII!). The ole high school reunion is coming up in about a month, but I doubt I'll go (UGA vs GT on the same day!).... I don't even remember if I stated that before and right now I'm too damn lazy to look it up.
  Hopefully this week I'll finish up Nadia and then I'll be free to draw some toons for some friends. It's been a loooong time since I've done that. Oh well, until the next!
  One more thing! It turns out that the Kid is a mack daddy! ^o^ Better lock up your daughters (and mothers!).
  Jeez! Even one more thing! I've now been at my job for one (1) year! Yay me!

Note to self 21: 10/05/1998
Ha ha ha ha! The Dawgs kicked royal tiger ass this weekend at (*snicker*) "Death Valley" at LSU. We jumped up to #7 in both College Football polls (and LSU fell out ot the Top Ten in both too^_~). That's what you get for naming what could have been a great mascot "Mike".... I feel so sorry for that cat.
  I saw the new Robin Williams flick Wet Dreams May Come this weekend. Talk about false advertising!
  Work on the new web page is coming along nicely. It should be completed in a few weeks. After this one comes my "ultimate tribute to anime page". That one will take a loooooooong time to do. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.
  Let's see, the only other thing I want to cover that's been bugging me for a long time is ADVision's crappy quality of both their dubs and their subs. This is truly disturbing because they (a.) used to be one of the best in the business and (b.) are getting some of the best titles for American release. They don't translate (either dub or sub) well, and (for you dub only idiots out there) their dubs truly blow! Their American voice actors are some of the worst I've ever heard! Not only do they under/over act all the time, but their ad libs (which they think are hilarious) destroy the original work. Those really idiotic Dragon Half references in the Slayers movie for example (not to mention any dubbing done for Eva) really just insult the audience.
  Now this would be okay in and of itself, but the fact that they totally mistranslate (and on purpose it seems) the subtitled versions of tapes too is (in my ever so humble opinion ^_~) unforgivable. Why can't they at least simply humor us "die hard fans" (the ones who supported them in the beginning before they made it big) and actually make decent translations of the subs? It might even be worth their $30 price tag for two episodes if their sub (which should be a real translation [read: not a direct, literal translation you idiots! We of course don't want to read something like "Please you go store shop food for me". We're not retarded you mental baboons!] and not a bunch of your gay little in jokes that nobody cares about, save that for the illiterates and their dubs).
  *Deep Breath* There, I feel better^_^ Now if only every anime company that makes translations would read this (fansubbers don't need to cause they make the best translations I've seen/read.... and neither does Animeigo [Love those
LINER NOTES!]). What truly surprises me is that Viz is now a better fan company than ADV! AND they're getting better all the time while ADV slips into suckiness.
  That's all I have to say about that.

Note to self 20: 9/29/1998
Another day another dollar.... or something. Work is going well, just lots of monotonous forms and the like. It needs to get done (and it is), it's just booooooo-ring! At least I get paid, so no real complaints there @_@
  This past weekend I took the advice of a friend (the same guy who recommended I read The Return of the Dark Knight) and picked up a copy of the Kingdom Come graphic novel. Now I never did read much DC stuff before (except for the Bat), and I haven't purchased a comic in over 6 years (except for TRotDK) but I was glad I got this one^_^  KC kicked ass! No matter what future he's portrayed in, the Detective is always his damn cool self! He the man!
  Another club meeting last night and this time the projector didn't shut down at 11. Will wonders never cease? Everybody is loving all the new shows as well they should. KOR seems to be their fave^_^ I'm happy (especially since a certain "Pick" is now ranked even higher on the Top Ten AniBabes Page!). I can't wait till AWA next week so I can show off my kick ass new costume! They say that simplicity is the mother of desperation... or something. Hmmmmm, maybe Relena from GW is a Skank... Time will tell.
  Oh yeah, the Vette handles like a dream!@_@! I want one!!!Ja!

Note to self 19: 9/24/1998
Well, what can I say. Work is piling up, my club wants me to build them another webpage (despite the fact that the last time I made one [the first they had] it caused nothing but bad feelings and backstabbings both aimed at and starting from me), and a friend from work wants me to help her move into her new house (which I just found out is 2 hours away and the move in date has been pushed back past any open weekends I might have had).... It's been a tumultuous week - and it's only Thursday! Friday better be well worth it!
  UGAnime's official first meeting actually went pretty good (except for only a half of a Key). Everybody seems to love all the new shows (especially KOR!). And even though I had only heard bad things about Gundam Wing ("It's mecha for chicks", et al) so far it has a better start than most of the other Gundams out there. The last line from Heero Yuy is my all time favorite anime quote now!... I can't just tell you what it is, 'cause you have to see everything that happened up until it's spoken ^_~
  Last night my parents drove into town with the new 'Vette and I gave my sister (who didn't know about it) a heart attack by opening the door to it and sitting in it after my parents hid. I can't imagine how gutsy and full of myself she thought I was^o^   I love making her go crazy, it's so much fun!

Note to self 18: 9/21/1998
Whoa! It's been a while since I last wrote anything here. I haven't been slacking (far from it! I'm not lazy like you), I've just been flying all over the place doing lots of..... stuff. What I haven't been doing is going to the movie theater and this pisses me off. There are still a bunch of movies out that I want to see (especially Jackie in Rush Hour [I'll just pretend that Tucker isn't in it and I'll be fine ^_^]) and new stuff is coming out that I've been planning on checking out for a long time too. I've just gotta get my priorities straight.
  I was at Indiana U the past week for the annual WebdevSHARE conference. The conference was informative and all, but I have to say that the campus was unbelievable! And Bloomington was a really cool town too. Not as filthy as Athens per say, but a fun college town nonetheless.
  I just started watching Fushigi no Umi no Nadia again for the 12th time this past weekend. Damn that's a great show! I can't wait for ADVision to finally release the whole thing so that more American fans can find out that Gainax is more than just EVA (Baka! if you didn't know that already). I personally can't wait for a good clean subtitled copy myself (or mehbee a DVD release [dare I dream?!?!]).
  Not much going on right now besides a whoooooole lotta catch up at work (oh well, at least the food they served us at WDShare was damn good!!!@_@). Gotta go to UGAnime tonight (if the projection system works -_-).
  Take care and drive carefully and defensively, everybody (my dad just bought a brand new fire-engine red corvette and he can't tell how fast he's going in it [If I pray enough maybe he'll actually let me touch it someday^_^]).

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