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  Well, I don't know how the hell you found this place, but here you are. This page is basically the ass-end of the Rossman web world. I write boring stuff down here about me and things that happen to me. Don't ask me why.
If you read this you're even lamer than me for writing it.

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Note to self 17: 9/08/1998
Boy was this a fun weekend! I was so busy that is seemed to be an entire week! I drove all over the place (to and back from Atlanta twice!) and saw some friends that I hadn't seen in a while too.
  On Friday night a bunch of us went to see the "Amazing Jonathan" at the Punchline (with an opening act that scared the bejesus out of everyone waiting in line!). He was great! He seemed a little out of it, but considering the guy's been doing the same stuff for eight years (and he had a show right before us) it was understandable. I just gotta get a monkey like his @_@
  I rented about 15 more movies from the HoA too and after I drove back to Athens I began to watch those. Golden Boy is one of the funniest OAVs I have ever seen!... Along with Maho Tsukai Tai (which I got too among many others). I just wish there were more episodes.
  Saturday was the first game of the year for the Georgia Bulldogs and of course I was there 23 rows up from the Thirty Yard Line ^_^ Not only did we beat Kent State (where exactly is the State of Kent anyway?) we totally embarrased them and humiliated their immediate families! 56-3... I can't believe we let them get three!
  Lets see, after that I celebrated the night away with a bunch of people I didn't even know in a drunken haze (are there really any other kinds of haze?) and woke up late Sunday to finish watching my rentals. I think Sunday was also the day when two drunk idiots (if I knew a stronger word I'd use it) caused a stench in my apartment complex by chasing a skunk around and tormenting it by throwing beer bottles and rocks at it... Trust me, it was stupider than it sounds. The smell was so friggin' bad that it was actually permeating into my third floor apartment with all doors and windows closed. I just hope that they reeked more.
  Monday I drove back to Atlanta for more tapes (If I ever OD it'll be on anime ^_^) and for a Labor Day bar-b-que. I got to take a bunch of food back with me too!
  I then learned the sad news that Akira Kurasawa had passed away. The world has lost a truly great film maker. He's probably making samurai movies with angels in them right now though, so I'll get to see them someday.

Note to self 16: 8/31/1998
What can I say? This week has been a busy one. Lots of stuff going down in the world of the Rossman.
  First of all, last Monday some kid plowed right into the back of my car causing around $1,400 (American pesos) worth of damage. That caused a lot of aggrivation and wasted time as I drove around from body shop to body shop getting estimates. It's not an experience I'd recommend... especially the part of that puke stopping his car with mine.
  Let's see, I also turned 23 this past weekend and made my anual trip to Mt. Muldoon to make sure I could still climb its peaks like Fujisawa-sensei. No problem there. It's only when I can no longer reach the summit with its glorious Slushee stand that I begin to worry that I'm getting old.... I'm not completely outta shape yet.
  Some savage with a grudge against my ISP (I cannot find any reason why he'd dislike them, their service is the best I've ever had!) hacked into all of the mainpages under their banner and f***ed them all up.... twice! That was fun.

  I've also been renting a bunch of stuff from the House of Anime (PLUG!) to catch up on all those commercial releases I missed over the past year (I've mostly been watching only fansubs of new series [like Nadesico and the second El Hazard TV]). Key rocks the casbah to the ground and then dances on the ashes! I liked it a lot. But then I made the mistake of following it up with El Hazard: The Wanderers (thinking it might at least be a little bit fun even though it happens in "another dimension" from the original OAVs [like the first Tenchi series which was not as good as the OAV, but fun to watch nonetheless])... I was wrong. I'm not that concerned with actually paying for the rentals, but what I am totally pissed off about is that I wasted around ten hours of my pathetic life watching that crap thinking/hoping to God that the next episode would be better (if only fractionally) than the one before... It was all in vain. And don't even get me started on what they did to my Ifurita!

  I've begun construction on a new page already but it'll be a while until I actually get it operational.
  UGAnime has its first ever semester meeting tonight. I wouldn't miss that for the world!
  Hmmmmm. I think that's it. Gotta go and do ...... something now. Ja na!

Note to self 15: 8/21/1998
Jeez! I should just call this the Yearly Rossman, but then I'd have to change the graphic and I really don't feel like doing that.
  Anyhow, I finally moved into my new apartment and my first night there already felt like my 365th. Now that's comfort! It's a nice place (same complex I was in a year ago) and I'm on the top floor ^o^ !! I LOVE the raised ceilings!!
  I finally got to see Mononoke Hime (1st generation sub!!!) and it rocked the casbah! It was well worth the wait and everything. Ash is almost as cool as Porco Rosso... Almost. But I must say that I have never seen the Pig catch a flying arrow in his hand like that. Sugoi!
  Well, Chi-Chi's in London visiting a friend, the Wolfman's going to Texas for a semester starting this week (Ja na, Wolfman-sama!) and JFK is nowhere to be found (no surprise, just an explanation to you ^_~) so this Rossman is all alone this weekend. Maybe I'll go bother Onii-san for a few days..... and why the hell am I talking in half-Japanese?!?!
  Summer movies this year suck. That's all. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Note to self 14: 7/31/1998
Well, it's summer but I'm bogged down as hell. Lots of work to do both at home and in the office. Not that that's bad, it just keeps me from writing these gay little Daily Rossman entries.... I guess you could thank everyone for keeping me busy.
  Saving Private Ryan kicked ass! It was so bloody realistic and painful it blows every other movie I've seen this summer away, and it is one of the greatest war movies ever made. Just to witness soldiers getting holes the size of softballs blown through them or bodies actually explode in such a realistic manner is disturbing as hell, but still amazing in a sick perverse sort of way.
  I'm still in the process of getting all the necessary info together for my new page. This is gunna take a loooooooong time, but it'll be well worth it when it's complete. Ja!

Note to self 13: 7/23/1998
Well, I've finally gotten my Expo98 page completed: Fushigi SHINSEIKI Expo 98: Catsy and Oni-chan got to WAR! It's fun! There's Something About Mary was the funniest movie I have seen in a looooong time! I almost fell out of my seat I was laughing so hard. "Is that hairgell?"
  Well, I'll be going to Otakon in a few weeks, so that should be fun. No page about it though, I'm still too drained and I'd like to actually enjoy a con without writing every little bit about it down. I do have an idea for a great new page that nobody has ever thought of before. I'll start working on that soon.... I wonder how long it'll be before somebody steals that idea from me and makes a duplicate page? I give it a week from when it gets posted.

Note to self 12: 7/13/1998
  Okay, so I admit it. This isn't very "Daily" now is it. But who the hell cares really?
  I didn't get to see either of the two cool movies this weekend that I wanted to (Leathal Weapon 4 and Small Soldiers [now that's going to screw up the rest of my summer movie going experience as I'll only be playing 'catch-up' from now on]), I'd been working on my new Anime Expo 98 page Friday night through Sunday night. I just hope it's worth it (it'll at least be better than the rest of those really $#*%ty AX fan pages out there... Why can't they just try a little in making their pages bearable?!?! It's not that hard!).
  I've decided that I'll probably go to Otakon in a month (it's been a while since I was there last), but I doubt I'll make a page about it since the whole gang won't stay for the entire con. It should be fun to actually just sit back and enjoy a convention for once. I'm looking forward to it. Until the next... Ja ^_-

Note to self 11: 7/9/1998
  Didn't Armageddon blow? Man, so far every big movie this summer stinks! This is bad. I remember when evey other movie out of Hollywood was either great or super cool. Ahhhhhhh, I can look back on the Summer of '89 with fondness^^
  I'm getting lots of work done (at work) and every night I get a little more don on my new AX98 page. It'll blow all the others away! I just wish that other people put as much effort (even half would do it) as I do. Then the world wide web would actually be an interesting place. Instead there are probably only around 5 sites that I have to visit a week. The rest are just copies of them. Originality, people. It's called "originality".... and throw a little ingenuity in the mix for good measure while you're at it too. Ja^_^

Note to self 10: 7/7/1998
  Finally back from LA. It was a fun trip and all but disappointingly last year's Expo was more fun. But whatareyagoingtodoaboutit, huh?
  Got all of my pictures back from the photo place and I'll start on my new page in a little bit. It'll be good to be back in the saddle again.
  I plan to have a cool contest for my EVA FAQs page up and going in a few weeks, it should be fun for everybody.... I hope. Hell, you'll be the one getting the free prize ayway, so don't complain! Ja^^

Note to self 9: 6/30 - 7/1/1998
I found a new host and I'm back up! I had to have the AniPike and MangaSeeker close down the links to my Top Ten Pages so that I could get a good price on a site package though. Oh well, que sera sera. Sera.
  I'm about to head off to LA LA Land for this year's Expo ^^. It should be a barrel of monkeys to say the least. Maybe two or three (Lord knows it'll be smelly as a barrel of monkeys :( If only otaku bathed.

Note to self 8: 6/18 - 19/1998
Closed by old ISP. Too much bandwidth. Must find new Host.

Note to self 7: 6/17/1998
  Nothing really today. I'm just bummed that I may have to shut down soon (this'll look kind of funny if I keep posting this for a year or more). I love the hits and I love the fan e-mail, it's just that the MONEY thing is kind of bad. It's not nice. Quite frankly it sucks! I guess I should have made my pages with less graphics on them, huh. Hindsight. Oh well, as long as I keep bitchin' it means that the pages are still up. Oh yeah, read The Teeth of the Tiger if you ever get the chance. So far (450 pages into it) it's pretty cool. Ja na!

Note to self 6: 6/16/1998
  AnimeOnline, where are you?!?!?! Please, pretty please save my site!!!!! I'm already getting more hits in the past week than ever before and I'm almost positive that my new host will get wise and shut me down (or ask for $300 a month). Why did I have to be so damn talented? Why?!?! It's a gift and yet it is a curse.
  Does Invasion America suck or what? Yikes! I refuse to watch the rest of it as the animation quality blows and the plot was written by a three year-old.... Okay, maybe a four and a half year-old. This show is going to give animation a bad name. It'll be known as "stuff for children" and "really crappy stuff for retarded adults". Even though it has Speilberg's Dreamworks name tagged to it it's my guess that he had nada to do with it..... or he's really hit a slump. I thought that he got only the top talent in Hollywood to work for him, I guess I heard wrong.

Note to self 5: 6/15/1998
  Still no word back from AnimeOnline. This sucks! I get at least 20 fan e-mail a day from good people like you who love my sites, but they apparently only help to host crappy fanfic pages that screw up what the writers and designers and plotters originally went to great lengths to create! My pages honor the creators and praise their original works and my sites actually get visitors!!!!.... Hmmmmm, maybe I'm not thinking about this the right way. Maybe if I totally fuck up the original work with my own piece of downloadable dung-fiction and piss off as many otaku as I can I can get hosted by AON. Okay, now I'm just venting (if you guys at AON see this, it's just a joke, heh-heh).
  I would be royally pissed if they do decide not to take my glorious pages under their wing. I just got 15 e-mail this morning from people who absolutely loved and worshipped my Eva and Top 10 pages. It'd be a shame to have to tell them that because there were too many people who loved the pages that I had to shut it down (doesn't that sound ridiculous?).

Note to self 4: 6/13 - 6/14/1998
Dirty Work kicked ass! It was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I was really disappointed when I heard that it didn't even make $4 million at the box office this weekend. That sucked blue whale! What's even worse is that that piece of $#*% Can't Hardly Wait actually beat it! Uggggghh!
   Well, the AnimeOnline Network said that they might help to host my site, but then they realized that I wasn't lying about how many hits I get and the bandwidth seemed to scare them. This is a bummer royal. If they don't take me (and get lots of free advertising ^_-) then the Rossman pages may be no more in a matter of months. Then it's seppuku time (I've been polishing the katana just in case). Wish me luck!

Day 3: 6/12/1998
Hmmmmmm, looks like I was totally humoring myself about getting a sponsor. I guess I really don't get that many hits and it's just a lot of bandwidth due to the fact that my pages are nothing but pure graphics. Who knew. But, I am still determined that somewhere out there, somebody wants to reach close to 90,000 people a month and try to sell them something. And when they decide this, they will come to me! Nostradamus actually prophecized something like that so I know it's true!
  Friday at last. Now to go see the movie I've been waiting months to see with all of my friends............ No, not The Truman Show! I'm talking about Dirty Work^^ Norm kicks ass. I actually saw his stand up act a few years ago and I've been a fan ever since. This should be the greatest movie since Billy Madison!!!! I can just feel it!

Day 2: 6/11/1998
Holy crap! Didn't Godzilla suck?!?! Sorry, just had to get that out. Lot's of e-mail regarding The Top Ten, but the suggestions have all been heard before. "Why not Rei? She's cute!" You've answered your own question there. She also doesn't have anything else going for her and to insist that she's better than Misato even, well that was the straw that broke the Rossman's back. She's a screwed up little clone with no personality what so ever and she pilots the stupidest looking Eva too! If anything, Asuka should be nominated..... but that's an argument for another day.
   Still working on getting some sponsors (especially when I've gotten 89,000+ hits in the month of May alone!) We'll see who wants first dibs. Oh yeah, don't go see Godzilla!!!

Day 1: 6/10/1998
The new domain is up ( and ready to roll. Too bad SimpleNet sucked and lied to me (and thousands of others), they had decent service. It turns out that when they said "unlimited"storage and "unlimited" bandwidth they apparently meant 565K of storage and 50megs of bandwidth (or 15 hits, whichever came first). Bastadges!
  Anyway, I got a lot of e-mail out to the people running the Pike and the MSeeker to inform them of all of my movings and so on and so forth..... like they really care -_-
  Then I got my new logo for the EVA FAQs page up and running. Damn, now that I look at it it does look kind of like Eva gone Seven. Oh well, Seven was a cool movie.

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