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*One Year Anniversary Contest!*

Check out the Winners!

Tired of waiting around for the new millennium and letting other people decide your fate? Make your own destiny and enter the EVA FAQs Anniversary Contest!!

In order to celebrate the EVA FAQs One Year Anniversary we have decided to have a contest to show our appreciation of your continued support!

There will be Three Winners: a FIRST, a SECOND and a THIRD Prize Winner!

First Prize being the final 2 subbed TV episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion (Genesis 13) (so that you can draw your own conclusions about what the TV series finalé means), an Evangelion CD and an Evangelion art book!!!*

The Second Prize winner will receive an Evangelion CD*

And the Third Prize winner will receive an Evangelion Wall Scroll*
All Prizes are donated by our official contest sponsor AnimeNation.

Please e-mail your entries to (The subject should read "EVA FAQs Anniversary". Sorry, e-mail entries only.)

Rules and Regulations (Yup, now the important stuff):

-The contest will consist of two short essays. The entrant must write on both of them. The winner will be decided on how creative both essays are answered. The topics are as follows:

    1) The first essay will be about whom your favorite character from the series and/or movies Neon Genesis Evangelion is and why.

   2) The second essay will be what you think Neon Genesis Evangelion as a whole is about.

-I will be the sole judge and my choices are the final say. Your entries should be creative but truthful as to what you actually believe (There are no incorrect answers. You can chose any character that even makes the smallest of appearances in the series or movies as long as you answer "why he/she/it is your favorite"). Only one entry per e-mail address will be accepted and you must write about the above stated topics.

-There will be one winner chosen for all three prizes (i.e. One first prize winner, one second prize winner and one third prize winner). Odds of winning depend on how creative you are, not in how many people send in entries. The First Prize being the final 2 subbed TV episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion (Genesis 13), an Evangelion CD and an Evangelion art book!!!*
The Second Prize winner will receive an Evangelion CD!*
And the
Third Prize winner will receive an Evangelion Wall Scroll!* - each mailed directly to you from AnimeNation, the online anime distribution company (AnimeNation is the official sponsor of the EVA FAQs Anniversary contest).

-I have the right to post excerpts from the winning essays on my site and to post the winners' names and what states or provinces they are from (in order to show that first, second and third place winners have been chosen). No essays will be e-mailed back, so keep a copy for yourself^^.

-The contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada and all essays must be written in English. All others will not even be attempted to be read.

-The contest ends at midnight on August 29, 1998. All essays received after this point will be disqualified. The winners will be notified no later than September 4, 1998 by the same e-mail address that the entry was sent from. Excerpts from the winning essays will be posted on or around September 6, 1998. The subject for the e-mail must read "EVA FAQs Anniversary"

-This contest has no sponsorship or affiliation with ADVision Films, Gainax Studios or any other party that owns or has rights to Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is a personal contest created by me, the Web Master of the EVA FAQs Homepage, for the sole purpose of giving away free Neon Genesis Evangelion merchandice generously donated by AnimeNation (ya gotta love these guys!).

-This is a contest created just for fun and to show my appreciation for all of the viewers who have checked out the EVA FAQs page over the past year. I reserve the rights to change any of the rules to this contest at any time.


*The prizes will be ordered from AnimeNation and shipped directly to the addresses that the winners chose to have them shipped to. The winners are responsible for supplying me with this address.

I will not let anybody suffer the horrors that are found in the Evangelion dubs. So only the subtitled VHS version of Genesis 13: Episodes 25 & 26 will be offered.
First place winner will have his/her choice of any Neon Genesis Evangelion Art Book that
AnimeNation has in stock.
First and Second place winners may choose any SM Neon Genesis Evangelion CD that they want that
AnimeNation has in stock.
Third Place winners may choose any Neon Genesis Evangelion Wall scroll that
AnimeNation has in stock for $15.95 or less.
Only one winner per place will be chosen (only one first place winner, only one second place and only one third place winner).


Hmmmmm.  What's the verdict?
"You know, Gendo, I think this contest is a pretty good idea. I think I'll choose that JSSDF soldier who got blown away by Misato as my favorite character, only because he came the closest to actually killing your wussy little boy in End of Eva..... What do you think?"

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If you have any other questions on the series or this contest, please feel free to e-mail me at

And now a special thanks to our contest sponsor: AnimeNation! They rock!!!

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I do not claim any ownership or rights to these things, so get off my back!  I'm only making this cool contest to show how much I love Evangelion.  I want others to know about it and buy as many tapes of it as they can, so that soon the entire world will know Shin Seiki Evangelion!!!!

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