The End of Giant Robo.  The End of a Legend.

3/20/1998 The Night The Earth Stood Still
(As told by Oni-chan and Catsy)

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Together, allegiance or death- Big Fire!

The End of the Darkness
A Kiss Before Dying.
"The Shattered Illusion of the Beautiful Night"

The final episode is a full hour long, but it only seemed like twenty minutes (It's just too good! You want to see so much more after it's done!!).

It starts off with Ginrei beginning to teleport the entire Ryuzanpaku base to St. Abey while Chief Chujo powers up for his attack on the Eye of Vogler. Just as he's about to pound the sphere, Ginrei's voice can be heard telling him not to do it. He pulls his punch (while still causing an incredible amount of damage) and is teleported away by Ginrei, and then Ryuzanpaku appears in the sky and slowly descends to the earth between the Eye and St. Abey.

In Big Fire HQ, Komei watches from the globe room (the same from episode 6, I think) with the Magnificent Ten members he captured in the last episode glued to the ceiling by Achilles, the black panther (yep, Jujoji's still alive too). Komei then lets Hanzui free to watch and experience his triumph with him.

Back at the place where the Ryuzanpaku HeadQuarters used to be, we see that Red Mask and the ninja-like Magnificent Ten Member with only one eye (Kido the Direct), got away from the teleportation in time..... but the Fabulous Fitzkarald wasn't so lucky. He was partially teleported into a big rock. Red Mask stabs him with a shuriken saying that he's no good to BF anymore and begins to walk away when Fitz raises his hand for a final "snap". He clicks his fingers but Red Mask reflects the attack and it returns to slice Fitz up into hundreds of pieces. Then the two remaining Magnificent Ten members take their leave.

You sunova..... Fitz was the best!
A member of the Mag. Ten dies a humiliating death.

High above St Abey, Ginrei thanks Daisaku for all his help and tells him that she will go and find out for herself if her father was truly evil (like everybody thinks). Then she kisses him on the forehead and teleports into the Eye (with a curious pink trail of atoms behind her).

verything then lands and Robo is hooked up to a bunch of huge pipes and wires (they look like they are strapping him down). The entire Interpol Team Ryuzanpaku branch then gets ready for the final battle, but Daisaku refuses toKoshin, the man who FINALLY slaps Daisaku. fight saying that everybody is just giving up on Ginrei because she brought the Shizuma drive sample into the sphere. Then Koshin (the Expert of Justice in the armor that looks like Ko-Enshaku's) slaps Daisaku (the best scene in the show^_^) and tells him that he doesn't know what pain is as Kenji Murasame is the one suffering most of all because of his power of immortality that will keep him and Ginrei always apart.

Inside the Eye, Ginrei walks along holding the wall while her legs fade in and out of existance. The terrible reaction to a mass teleportation. She finally reaches the very center of the Eye when a bunch of pink atoms rematerialize into Murasame. He
A final farewell between lovers.shoots his gun into an invisible forcefield to keep Gienrei away from it (it's highly charged). He explains that the field is part of the Eye's main system and then he pushes himself into it to try and reduce its strength. He tells her that they are on opposite sides as always while she tries to reach his hand (burnt to a cinder while it pushes out the other side of the field). They both realize that Ginrei will die soon and he says that hopefully he can die for good someday so that they could be together forever. Then the Eye shakes and he gets totally burnt to ashes by the field. Ginrei cries.

Yet another death of Murasame.

Genya, now on top of the Eye, begins to move the giant orb again. St Abey Burn, Genya, Burn!goes on red alert. Genya then powers up the two samples and causes a lot of destruction and a lot of broken Shizumas. He moves the sphere slowly toward St Abey while Daisaku watches from a distance. The sphere moves slowly over GR. While back at Big Fire HQ, Hanzui yells at Komei telling him that the plan cannot possibly be benificial to BF, but then Komei shows him Big Fire (himself) again, to show the support that he has.

As the Eye moves into the dust and explosions that was St Abey, it
Go and Genmysteriously stops. We then see Go-sensei on top of the biggest building of St Abey with the three Gen Brothers using a rythmic drum beat to control the Shizumas in the last standing building and form a barrier.

Genya then realizes that it's Go in St Abey and begins to blame him for
The wussmaster GoFamelle's defection to the Experts of Justice. He then pushes the Eye once more, breaking the barrier, but is once again mysteriously stopped. This time by Robo's hand. Daisaku decides that he can no longer simply sit idly by as he orders Robo to "Defeat the Eye of Vogler!" Robo then powers up his engines and pushes the Eye a fair distance away (it is then clear that the cables were powering him up, not restraining him). When Robo's cables snap, Go-sensei switches the remaining power to a broadcast mode which continues to feed GR.

Then Genya opens up the Eye beginning to unleash the same power seen in Paris and Shanghai. Robo is hurt. The left side of his face is melted and his eye is blown out.

More than an eye-ful. Looks like Robo could use one, though.

Daisaku then gathers up all of his courage and picks up a single (unstable) Shizuma drive lying nearby and puts it into a go-cart type vehicle. He then races to be at Robo's side. The remaining Ryuzanpaku defenders (Koshin, the D'oh!  Why'd did they have to teleport too?Brothers Gen, and the Bow and Arrow guy, among the others) rush to Daisaku's side to protect him from the Keppuren foot soldiers (who attacked the base in episode 6) who were transported to St Abey too. This battle was one of the coolest fights I have ever seen (animated or not!!) It's so fast and violent it will blow your mind!!

Go Speed Racer!As Daisaku gets closer to his robot friend the Drive in his cart finally blows up and he begins the final part of his journey on foot, just as one final Keppuren steps in his way ready to slice him in half. But, at the last second, a heavily bandaged Tetsegyu (who was recovering in Ryuzanpaku when it teleported) kills the straw-hatted BF agent and gives a thumbs up for Daisaku to run to Robo. He does and with the ghosts of Yoshi, Taiso, and his father he jumps into what was once Robo's eye and straps himself in with a bunch of loose wires.

Help from a father. Daisaku and GR ready to blow up a sphere.... and then some.

Robo then gets up and begins to push one of the giant, hovering metal slabs surrounding the Eye to somehow stop it. The power of the Eye begins to Go Robo, go Robo!slowly envelope them as it looks like even Robo failed...... but then, it happened! The ice on Robo's shoulder explodes and Alberto the Impactor jumps out and onto Robo's arm. His mechanical eye piece is damaged and he's pissed! He explains how he found out about Genya and how Genya then tried to eliminate him. After he was shot he fell into the snow near Robo (in the Himalayas) where he formed the ice cocoon and regained his strength hoping for a second shot at the green haired punk. He then starts to drain the power of the Eye with his bare hands.

Alberto the Badass! Drain it like you want to win!

Back in BF HQ with St Abey on the huge screen, Hanzui gets pissed at Komei as the rest of the captured Magnificent Ten begin to wake up and listen in. Komei is a little mad at these turn in events, but an amused smile quickly appears on his face.

Soon, though, the Eye's power appears to be too much for Alberto. He begins to crumble away as he whispers that Taiso better get ready for another fight. Alberto then dies. Hanzui shudders as his best friend desintegrates.

Before he died, the Impactor managed to drain all of the Eye's energy. Daisaku and Robo take advantage of this and attack with everything Robo has!! Missiles, bullets, and finally one of Robo's giant engines on his back turns into a huge missile and rockets towards the Eye blowing off its top half! The Experts cheer.

The Eye is dead!

Inside the Eye (where Genya retreated when the Sphere was about to go nova), Genya is a broken man. He realises that he cannot finish what his father wanted him to do. Just then, we see Ginrei appear through an access hatch that appears to be only big enough for her head and shoulders to get through. She's in shock at what he's doing, but he doesn't hear her, he only sees the sample in her hands. He runs to her and starts fighting her for it (she not wanting to give it too him after all he's just done). He then lifts it up, with her still grabbing on, and we see that everything below her upper torso does not exist anymore. He drops both of them and Ginrei cries that this could not possibly be what their father wanted them to do. She raises the sample to smash it, Genya crying "NO!" when a gunshot rings out. Ginrei falls dead at his feet, the sample clinking to the ground. Genya stands over her with a smoking gun in his hands (the same one from episode 5 that he took from her).

The Death of a Legend The Smoking Gun She's Gone

He then goes crazy. He picks up the sample laughing hysterically to himself that she was a horrible person all along as he finally plugs in the final sample with the other two. He says he will join her soon enough, as will the world who praised Shizuma. The Samples then activate.

The Three Samples and their power.

The Eye comes back to life surprising all those at St Abey, and a ring of its power surrounds the world. All hope seems to be lost when all the reamining Shizumas begin reacting strangly to this new power. But then the true reason behind the Eye and the 3 samples emerges..... The Eye of Vogler changes all of the nuclei in the world's remaining drives into three seperate nuclei in a triangle form.

Genya is totally mad now, not knowing what the hell was going on, until a hollographic image of his father appears before him.

The last words from a father to his son.

Franken VonVogler reveals to his son that ten years ago in Bashtarlle, the explosion showed him that the drives were not perfect, and that the final 2% was a major oversight indeed, just that it couldn't be proven in the lab tests. The drives in use reach the end of their life expectancy after ten years of use and then they react in a very disturbing manner. Eventually the reaction from the drives would cause all the oxygen in the world to be destroyed. What VonVogler was working on so desperately in their self imposed exile was a triumverate of samples that when combined would turn the dangerous drives into the safe kind, as was what just happened.

VonVogler knew that he would be blamed for Bastarlle, but he accepted that because he knew that the "good" scientist Shizuma needed to continue his own research which would have been impossible if he took the blame. VonVogler's final words of "Stop Shizuma" to his son were meant to get him to stop the drives, not the man. Just before fading away he explained that he did all this so that he and Famelle could live on in this world.

Genya's world is completely shattered. Everything he did in life was a mistake. He kneels on the floor, cradling his sister's head just as Robo and Daidaku (still in the hole in his face) break into the center of the Eye. Genya looks up to see Daisaku's horrified expression just as Ginrei's body totally fades out of existance and her earings clatter to the floor.


Genya then asks the boy if a legacy from a father is always a terrible thing. Just then the Eye self destructs (Genya set the timer earlier) and the Giant Sphere disappears in a red explosion but Genya had safely teleported it into space at the last moment. Robo and Daisaku remained at St. Abey, and Daisaku looks at his hand, holding one of Ginrei's earings, and tears well in his eyes.

Back at BF HQ, Hanzui, after seeing how Komei was toying with them, attacks him and Ko-Enshaku who is still acting like his guard. Ko-Enshaku keeps him at bay, but then the other Magnificent Ten beat Achilles and Hanzui ready to beat the snot out of Komeisurround Komei and the Samurai. Hanzui then rushes up to Big Fire himself and rips off what was his disguise to reveal a stunned Sunny the Magician (Alberto's daughter), who Komei used to impersonate their leader. Komei laughs out loud and says that this was simply a part of "Operation Giant Robo" which Big Fire must complete. "The Countdown has begun". The others choose not to punish one of their own.

he remaining Experts at St Abey watch the sun come up on the first new day of the rest of their lives.

Then, in a secluded part of the world, in a very dark place, we see a giant structure. Inside, a strange metallic pod opens up and the real Big Fire emerges from his sleep.


Finish it up, mina-san!
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 The dawn of the night

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 The dawn of the night

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